Blue Dreamfish started when my kids would make up bedtime stories for me to tell. I quickly realized it was helpful to write the stories down as they would ask me to tell same ones again and again. We soon had quite a collection of stories written down. Since my kids love using the computer, they noticed that some of their favorite books had websites and asked why our stories didnít have one. They wanted to be able to read our stories online. It sounded like a good learning experience for all of us, so I told them it was a great idea!

The games were created after my kids had difficulty using typical pre-school online games. They needed a way to learn basic computer skills to help them. So we worked together to create fun games that focused on a single computer skill, such as clicking on a moving object, using arrow keys, or hovering the mouse over an object. Iím happy to report that after playing our games, my kids were able to play other online games with ease!

After we were done, we hoped that other kids might also enjoy our stories and games. So here we are!

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